Score card similar in some respect to both the check list and rating scale, usually provides for the appraisal of a relatively large number of aspects. In addition the presents of each characteristic or aspect, or the rating assigned to each, has a predetermined point value. Thus the score card may yeild a total weighted score that can be usedin the evaluation of an object observed. Score cards are frequently used in evaluating communities, building sites, scholl text books. Accrediting agencies sometimes uses the scorecard to arrive at an overall evaluation of a school.

Score card have been designed to help to estimate socio economic status of a family. Such aspects as neighbourhood, home ownership, number of rooms, ownership of piano etc. all are considered significant and appropriate point values assigned.

The limitation of the Score card are similar to those of rating scale. In addition to the difficulty of choosing, identifying , quantifying significant aspects of the factor to be observed,ther is the suspicion that the whole of a thing may be greater than the some of its parts.

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